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alcoholics need sleep too

The blackboard-like site the UVA uses has an anonymous feedback place, where basically you can send your professor a comment and it doesn't record who sent it. One of my CS professors discusses every one that he gets in class. I haven't been going to that class too often (which is bad) so I was looking at his announcements powerpoint to see if there was anything I needed to know. This anonymous feedback was on Wednesday's slide:

"Can you please move your attendance quizes to Monday or Wednesday... alcoholics need sleep too."

a) SHIT, he's been giving attendance quizzes?!?!

b) Don't tell him people aren't coming to class on Friday cause they're out partying! That's going to make him more likely to give them then! Its so hard to wake up Friday mornings!

c) It is funny though

d) I'm curious what he had to say about this

Anyway, I also dislike when teachers won't give you old tests. I have two CS tests this week. One gave out the tests from the last 6 times he taught this class. I feel very prepared for that one. The other one hasn't given out any. She also decided not to come to class on Wednesday when on Monday that she announced it would be a review session... That test is in less than 24 hours. Guess I should start studying!
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