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That’s the impression I get

30 September
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My name is Caitlin. Since I live in a boring Virginia suburb, nothing particularly interesting happens to me. (Actually, now I'm in college, and I still don't have too much happen to me) Mostly my posts are school or family related with the occasional "adventure". I watch way too much TV and am too lazy to ever post about the TV or movies I see. Actually, I'm too lazy to post about anything. I always plan on posting, but I rarely seem to get around to it. I do check my flist far too often.

I lurk in a couple of fandoms - mostly HP and Supernatural. I like a variety of TV shows, including Supernatural, Lost, The Office, Veronica Mars, America's Next Top Model, Top Chef, 24, NCIS, House Grey's Anatomy, and a lot of other's that I'm not really sure why I watch them. I love movies and don't watch anywhere near as many as I wish I could. I like to think that I read a lot, but lately between school and my constant TV addiction, I've fallen a bit behind. Some of my favorite authors are George R. R. Martin, C.S. Friedman, Philip Pullman, Katherine Kurtz, Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, J.K. Rowling and Stephen King.

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