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So, bakery test?! Apparently we suck at making people happy, people complained and now the boss is mad. So now we all have to take a test to show that we know all the cakes, phone numbers, prices, etc.

Anyway, I wouldn't be too annoyed with this since I pretty much do know all of it. However, lets look at this nice little bonus they added. Anyone who doesn't get a 90% gets their pay demoted to $7 an hour. I wouldn't have taken that job if I knew I would be working for $7 an hour. And at this point it will be too late to go get another one. I wish I went and tried to be a waitress insteaddddd.

Oh well it's not like they're giving me enough hours to even be worth it anyway.

I feel like I should make cupcakes soon. Surprisingly haven't done that yet this summer. I have pretty much given up on the cupcake dream after about a year. Onto the next one: BREAD. I have a nice little bread tin and everything. So get ready.
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